A gallery in the bush by Sandon Gibbs O’Neill

Be a part of my first ever solo exhibition and have a look at my home and the story that led to 'Unearthed’. So many changes have been made to our regular events so I decided to bring my work to you.

 If you only do one thing  - have your own Burruguu moment and watch this video! (make sure you've got the quality turned up on your YouTube settings)

I’d planned a three week long exhibition in the historic Wollombi on the edge of the Hunter Valley in NSW. The town is about half an hour drive from our home, through stunning bushland and with numerous significant Aboriginal sites in the area. Wollombi and our area were impacted by the recent bushfires so when life returns to normal be sure to swing past and support the community and our small businesses.

For me this exhibition was in honour of my Grandfather, as I had been a part of a family one with him a few years ago at Wollombi. He is from Nhunggal country, Goodooga, NSW which is where I spent my early childhood. It was here that my Grandfather was taught his culture by the old people, he felt extremely privileged to hold and share this knowledge. I hope my work honours them and their incredible legacy which I hope to continue to pass on to the future generation. 


Our tiny house sits among gum trees on Darkinjung land and it’s where I’ve painted most of these works, which are inspired by my Nhunggal culture and the legacy and knowledge of my grandfather, Tex Skuthorpe. Some pieces were also painted in my Grandfather's shed and that’s where I first learnt some traditional stories, painting techniques and where my love for sharing culture through art started. 

The exhibition pieces include contemporary Aboriginal artworks that draw inspiration from the land, culture and society, as well as some abstract Aboriginal art. Two of the artworks share traditional Nhunggabarra stories which have been passed down through the generations, and I hope to continue to pass them on to the future generations. As you can see my daughter loves being surrounded by culture and my artwork.


If you’d like to see some more photos, a representation of each of the artworks in this gallery and any other information about me at My Story, check out Original Artworks and the rest of my website.  

Thank you for being a part of my gallery in the bush. I hope by sharing some of my story, creative space and artworks that I can brighten up your day during these unprecedented times. Feel free to share with your family and friends.


Thank you, Sandon. 

 A huge thankyou to our friend, Anne Gerstenberger for the video and the photos - so much talent.